ALTI`s next-generation all-electric VTOL fixed-wing drone with a flight time of up to 3 hours.
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ALTI`s Flagship 3m fuel-hybrid  aircraft offers flight times of up to 8 hours with an operational range of up to 110 km.
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ALTI`s next-generation 5m fuel-hybrid VTOL fixed-wing with 8- 10 hours endurance flight time and a 75kg MTOW.
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ALTI`s rugged, compact, portable and powerful C2 Command & Control station, is designed for long-range data & video management with efficient mission planning, and flight control capabilities.
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ALTI prides itself on providing tailored solutions for your aerial surveillance needs. Our team is ready to assist you in any way possible.

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search & Rescue team
"In emergency response, ALTI's drones provided vital real-time insights. Their long-range and endurance significantly enhanced our operational capabilities."
wildlife park
"For wildlife conservation, ALTI's drones were a game-changer. Their minimal environmental impact and extended flight time allowed for comprehensive area coverage and valuable data collection."
"ALTI's unmanned aircraft dramatically improved our aerial survey efficiency. The ease of use and reliable performance made our data collection much more effective."
Our story

Award winning aerospace company based in Knysna, South Africa.

ALTI is an award winning aerospace company based in Knysna, South Africa, building some of the best long endurance unmanned aircraft in the world. With eyes gazing up into the blue skies and our heads in the clouds, our feet remain firmly, and proudly planted on a foundation built and perfected over the last decade.

​From raw carbon to flying aircraft, every aspect of production and assembly is carefully managed in-house, by dedicated and certified technicians and teams utilising next generation manufacturing methods and advanced, proprietary techniques and technologies.

ALTI also features a world class composite manufacturing facility along with all the tooling, expertise and resources needed to ensure the highest quality materials, components and performance of our aircraft.

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